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Terms & Conditions

Agents who send us "valid referrals" will be rewarded. In order for a referral to be valid, the officially referred new client must proceed to print within 30 days of the referral, and have paid their invoice in full without us requiring the services of a debt recovery firm. Once a successful referral has been validated you'll receive a $40 voucher to spend within 12 months. Successfully refer another friend & you'll get another $40 voucher - That's right; for every person you officially refer to Quality Cards who pays on time, you'll SAVE MORE $$$.

Full Terms & Conditions
1. Acceptance of our "Terms & Conditions" is a pre-condition. 2. Australian Residents Only.

3. A Referral will be INVALID...
a. if another agent beats you to the referral. "There can be only one!". b. if you try and refer yourself or an existing client of ours. c. if the referred clients transaction becomes cancelled or refunded or exceeds 30 days. d. if we use a debt recovery agency to collect payment from the client. e. if client chooses a Special Only. (Must buy a standard product). f. if the client chooses to pay by means other than Cash, Cheque or DFT.

4. About the Rewards
a. A reward is posted to you once the valid referral has paid (See 3d). b. Collect rewards to later apply a discount to your next card order.
c. Rewards are accumulative. d. Rewards expire 12 MONTHS after date of issue. e. Rewards are discounted against the FULL RETAIL PRICE. f. Surrendered rewards may NOT exceed the VALUE of the order. g. NOT Transferrable for cash, transfer, exchange or other purpose. h. NOT accepted as payment. Must be presented at the initial sale. 5. Termination of the Agreement. 5a. Either party may terminate the agreement at any time. 5b. We honour remaining valid rewards after termination of agreement. 6. Force Majeure null & voids all valid rewards, terms and agreements. This Page was Revised on February 8, 2017

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