Customer Responsibilities

Customers have certain responsibilities. If you understand your responsibilities it will greatly assist us in providing the level of quality that we expect from ourselves.

Clients are responsible for the supply of correct information. Please email us with information such as business name, ABN, proprietors, street address, postal address, phone, fax, mobile, email, web site. Next we require information such as products and services, trading hours, core business activities, licence information, qualifications and ideally a spiel of approximately 25 words or less to describe your business. Even an editorial - as this will often help us to better understand your business before we commence design.

Clients are responsible for the supply of a good quality logo. These days - business cards are photographic in quality so the quality of the logo is very important also. Clients should have a professional logo designed and saved in several image modes including CMYK, RGB, Grayscale, B&W and Inverse. They should also come with effects and without effects. We prefer a PSD file with layers but understand if this is not possible. The images should be saved in a variety of formats - preferably PDF and JPG (Other formats are also accepted). Supplying us with a CD of these files will ensure the greatest success for a highly effective logo when printed. We work at 600dpi (dots per inch). Most card suppliers work at 300dpi. We offer a basic logo design service. Logo Design Service.

Clients are responsible for the supply of good quality photos. Clients often ask us to simply grab a copy of a nice photo from a web site they like. Firstly - this might constitute a copyright infringement with the legal owner of the photo. Secondly - photos on web pages are typically saved at 72dpi and a small image size such as 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall. If we need to increase the image size it may blur when enlarged. If the blur is too great the photo would be no good. Web images are therefore unsuitable on most occasions unless you have permission to use them and a larger copy of the image can be found. We recommend the use of a professional photographer or to take your own photos. Also - we recommend that you contact your supplier for an artwork CD or visit the many Royalty Free web sites online for an image that meets requirements in both copyright and quality.

Every effort is made to color match but there will be some minor color variation from time to time. If color matching is important to you then it is your responsibility to supply us with each of the color CMYK Percentages - or - as a second preference - the Pantone Number of each color. The color matching process is a technical process which is also affected by the type of card stock used and the batch of ink made at the time. Slight color variations do occur from time to time even under the strictest conditions.

If there is a specific font you wish to use it might be a commercial true type font (TTF) and may require licensing to be used legally. If so - you may be required to purchase the font from a reputable font web site and email that file to us. An example font is "satisfaction.TTF". If you wish to use a premium custom handwritten font service we can recommend Font god. Also checkout the standard and cheaper automated service of Font grinder.

Clients are responsible for proofreading the design before it is sent to print. Proofreading includes (but is not limited to) spelling, punctuation and grammar, poor quality images, wrong images, wrong colors, wrong fonts, errors introduced by the customer during the design process, and errors in user-selected options such as product choice including card stock, finish, etc. It is often best to follow recommendations if any given.